of course yes!

A frequent response, which I loved, from one of my old first grade students when I was a classroom teacher. His enthusiasm for learning and positivity is what I hope to instill in my K-2 artists as we imagine, create and explore together this school year!
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Giving WordPress a go to see where our art updates will end up staying.  Parents and students, let me know if you have any feedback on tumblr/wordpress.  Thanks!

Quite the title there! The competition is put on by the Hong Kong Arts Centre and Starbucks. A great way to get your art out there! Have fun.

Grade 1 Architects, what do you think of these structures?

Collecting Ideas

How did you spend National Day?  I went on a hike with my friends around Tai Tam Country Park and saw so many interesting things. I have a slight obsession with patterns in nature and also like to collect colour palettes for future pieces of work. Nothing better than capturing it from the great outdoors—which HK surprisingly does have plenty of.

Find some time to enjoy nature with your family and keep an eye out for ideas for your art. Nature Rocks is a great site I found that has fun activities to do outdoors. Some of the content is US based but check out the extras.  I particularly like the Nature Treasure Hunt and the Journal for Kids—there is also a space for an illustration.   Sketching outdoors is great fun too! Just grab your sketchbook and a pencil or two.  Erasers not needed!

Grade 1 artists will soon be heading out of the classroom to do some sketches around school once the weather clears up.

Bridges Class: Lanterns

We reviewed mixing purple for our evening sky background, then looked at symmetry and patterns for our lanterns.

Thrilled to have received this in my inbox today! I can feel the wind blowing just looking at it.

What materials were used in this piece? What shapes do you see? Use your Looking at Art poster to discover more about this collage.


                                                                                                            artist: Charis, P1D

Here is my finished piece. I was wondering today where all the birds go when there is a typhoon. They are sketched from a photo I took of a sculpture when I visited Taiwan.


Did you make some art today too? Post a picture of it in the comments section below, send me a photo or bring it to school tomorrow/next week. We would all love to see your work!

Good morning artists!

What are you doing at home today?
        What does the wind and rain make you think of?
                 Have you had a peek up at the sky and looked out your window to see what is going on?

Take some time to make some art today! Paint, draw, sketch, collage and show me your art tomorrow. Here’s what I’ve been working on so far.  I’ll let you see it when I am finished.


Bridges Class: Paint and Clay

Bridges artists began the year learning about secondary colours.  We practiced cutting and gluing using the papers we painted to complete our colour wheels. Apart from paint, we also tried mixing red, yellow and blue clay and made some sculptures afterwards.

In this unit, artists will create a paper collage using various shapes to depict their favourite activity and the location it takes place.

We started off by looking at this artwork: Three Musicians, Pablo Picasso.
  We viewed this painting without knowing the title and used our Looking at Art poster  to help us (you can find this on eClass). Ask your child what they discovered and learned about the painting. 



As we practiced cutting out geometric shapes and creating pictures in our sketchbook, we checked for the following: 

  • I hold my scissors correctly.
  • I cut on the lines.
  • I use the glue stick properly. (Ask your child to tell you what properly entails.)

(Thumb up=I am doing a great job, Thumb sideways = I will keep practicing because I can do better.)

It’s the 40th Hong Kong Arts Festival this year (I am going by school years here)! Richard III was last weekend and it was brilliant. What I love about theatre is the intimacy of the performances and seeing how the story is just as much told by those offstage. In this production, I was most impressed by the simplicity of Tom Piper’s set design—walls with a series of doors which was seamlessly incorporated with the shadow projections and lighting. This shot doesn’t quite do it justice but gives you an idea of what it was like.


Another highlight was the percussion and keyboard transition between scenes. Reminded me of one of my all time favourite arts events in HK: Yamato  which was part of the New Vision Arts Festival (this takes place every other year so look out for it in the fall of 2012).

An upcoming event you may be interested in taking your child to is WOW-World of Wearable Art.

Hong Kong Arts Festival advance booking is just around the corner: Oct 4, 2011. Have a look at everything that’s on offer this year.

Now added to our class list of art related professions:

  • set designer
  • costume designer
  • lighting designer